Our Native Plants

BrightMind.Lgo.SeaSky.PlainEveryone knows dandelion, milk thistle and the numerous other non-native, Eurasian species commonly used and found in health food stores. But what about our native, indigenous plants? Aren’t they useful, too?

For millennia, Native Peoples have used our American plants. The plants are still here, despite habitat loss and competition from Eurasian invasives. A drive along the countryside may reveal up to half of the plants you see as non-native species. Rediscover our indigenous ecology, reweave its connection to our inner selves, and preserve the purity of our natural native landscape.

Our native wild plants are just as exotic and special as plants from the most far-flung of places. Look at the lush tulip-tree flowers in the margins of this webpage, a photo of our native tulip-tree crafting into the essence Home Sweet Home, that became the Bright Mind logo. Fabulous, yes? Here’s a further visual sample of our native plants.

Flower Montage copy