How to Use Bright Mind Flower Essences

BrightMind.Lgo.SeaSky.PlainThe essences help a person to do the work of facing feelings, feeling feelings, accepting, shifting and changing.

Do you have an old habit you would like to change? Are you faced daily with challenges that seem overwhelming? Do you experience ups and downs that seem beyond your control? Bright Mind’s over 90 flower essences can help!

Plants give us all of our oxygen, soil, food and so much more, including their spiritual side to aid us in emotional healing and inner work. This is where flower essences come in. The essences have no odor and no taste other than the preservative alcohol. They are made by floating the harvested flowers on top fresh or sea water in a clear bowl and letting it percolate in the sun for at least 3 hours in the morning. Lama Yeshe Palmo has a 50-year relationship with these plants, communication being essential in the formation of the essence. After crafting in the sun for the morning, accompanied by traditional prayers, meditation and mantras, the plant material is strained out and the mother essence preserved in vodka. This is the spiritual, healing essence that will facilitate inner work and emotional literacy.

Relying on the essence as an aid, set the intention for your day in accord with what you feel you need to work on. Those working with a therapist perhaps once a week may spend the rest of the week in daily personal healing sessions where the essences can aid what you wish to progress on. Those who have undertaken a personal journey of exploration or transformation can call on the help of the essences to strengthen their clarity, determination and insight.

The essences do not directly affect you on a chemical or physical level. They work on the whole person through spiritual, vibrational or energetic underlying levels of being from which one’s thoughts, feelings and actions are being born. The essences facilitate the internal, personal yearning for connection to and nourishment by one’s own power, a power from which many of us are disconnected. The essences also facilitate a deepening of ecology and connection with the landscape we live on, the outer world mirroring the inner world of the mind. Below are some examples of use.

Traditionally, flower essences were placed on the tongue or in a glass of water to drink. Today, however, shake well and percuss bottle against the palm of your hand 5 times to thoroughly mix. Using the dropper top or fine mist spray, mist or place 1 to 4 drops on the temples, wrist pulse or other affected points up to 4 times daily, or place drops in a bath. Mist may also be sprayed into the air of a room or other space.

Examples of Application

For survivors of trauma or abuse, and for the stress of everyday living, call on the native plants for help in healing and transformation. Dark emotions carry a message that needs to be received with compassion and shifted from where they are stuck.

Honesty (white water lily)100_2142

People often feel they can not change, even if they want to change.

It is often difficult to be honest with ourselves. Rather, we are adept at hiding, or even lying, to ourselves. When one wishes to see the truth of a situation, an emotion, a memory or a question, Honesty helps one to see, honestly, the truth just as it is without judgment of good or bad, rejection or labeling. Think of white water lilies blooming across a pond, reflecting perfect mirror images of themselves into the shadowed black water. Just like that, white water lily’s essence – vibration, energetic signature, vitality – will lend its aid for us to look accurately into the Shadow of our subconscious, seeing exactly what is there. Ask for white water lily to float in every one of your cells mirroring the truth for you to see.

Specifically, apply the remedy as directed, then lie down. Slowly become aware of how your body feels. Feel how your chest rises and falls as you breathe. Feel your body sinking into the cushions. After grounding in the body in this way (a common therapy technique), begin the following visualization. Close your eyes and imagine that in every of your cells a white water lily opens and blooms. You can even invite water water lily as a spirit plant to enter every cell and bloom. Visualize this as clearly as possible. In your muscles, blood, organs and bones, in every cell. Then, ask that whatever you are ready to see becomes apparent in the mirrored reflection of the water lily. Then look.

Allow whatever arises to be received with a compassionate heart, remembering that only what we are ready to handle will arise (that’s just how the mind works). Allow tears to come if they come. Allow memories. Allow feelings. Allow words out loud as you speak to your cells and to your memories and feelings. Float still and calm like a water lily on the mirrored surface of your own truth as whatever comes is allowed. Stay with the feelings until you go through them and they change (and they ALWAYS change). That change will be for good. Open your eyes and sing a song to yourself, or draw your experience, or write a poem, or in any other way express what you experienced. This also allows the feeling to complete the process of shifting.

Balance (Equinox Juniper)

100_4365 Full MazeThis essence was crafted on the morning of the spring equinox within a juniper (also called red cedar) grove within a maze on Nantucket. The meditation practice of Green Tara, an ancient forest bodhisattva of protection and attainment, was chanted during the crafting. The combination of time and place combined with the innate power of the greatest native American spiritual plant, juniper, to form this essence of Balance.

Whenever you feel off-balance or need to return to your center, apply this essence. Then lie down and ground yourself as described above in the water lily description. Close your eyes and visualize that your path has been through a winding maze headed ultimately to the center of your true and higher self. Ask juniper to guide you. Imagine that you see your steps following that path, inexorably headed to the prize at the center, which you reach. What does it look like? How does it feel? Rest there. When you open your eyes and rise to go about your day, imagine that your body may walk on, but your mind remains in that center.

A sheet with suggested uses and meditations accompanies each purchased essence.
Lama Yeshe Palmo is also available for counseling.


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