Transformation, Healing & Change are Possible

100_4988 100_4940 BrightMind.Lgo.SeaSky.Plain100_1312-brochure1.jpgEmotion tonics that heal the spirit, wildcrafted from our native plants.
Connect to the landscape and to your inner self with the help of our native plants. Indigenous wildcrafted spiritual essences reweave our ecology both inner and outer, one a mirror to the other.
I developed and relied upon these flower essences during my own inner journey and healing. I am a Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition since 1996, a monastic and a Western lama. Before that I was a Hudson Valley naturalist for over 20 years. Except for the hybridized pump100_4922kin and the wild, salt-spray rose, I make the essences locally from indigenous, wild plants that are original natives to the ecosystem, not non-natives brought to America and naturalized. All the flower essences were formed in fresh well water. The sea essences were created in fresh sea water collected at specific times and places. Both are preserved in vodka.
I used four locations for the creation of the essences: Nantucket, the Hudson Valley (especially the Hudson Highlands & Catskill Mountains), Provincetown on Cape Cod, and Montauk on Long Island. My hope is to aid in your self-transformation and self-discovery, and in the challenges of daily life.
100_1928The remedies are available in 1/3 ounce and 1/2 ounce glass dropper bottles and 1 ounce fine-mist PET Mystic spray bottles (purse-size) that contain vodka as a preservative, well water and the essence. The dropper bottles are $12.00 plus shipping; the Mystic sprays are $15.00 plus shipping. You can contact me directly to purchase ( or on-line by clicking HERE. This link will take you to the on-line Market of Sustainable Nantucket.

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